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What Is The Difference Between MPO and MTP?


Necessary to clarify the notation of Multifiber connector in-line fibers. Some manufacturers call this MTP connector, others use the designation of MPO (Multi-fiber Push On). In general, the connector can be from 12 to 72 fibers located on the 12 fibers in a row, but the most widespread version is of the 12-fiber connector.

MPO connector is standardized in the international regulatory framework (the IEC 61754-7 standard) and the U.S. (TIA-604-5 Standard ). In the latest international standard for the ACS data center ISO / IEC 24764 standardized MPO connector and use the notation “MTP“. In terms of design, size and mechanical compatibility of MPO and MTP, it’s the same thing. Obviously talking about any advantages over the MTP MPO (or vice versa) is incorrect because it is necessary to compare the optical characteristics (insertion loss, return loss, the parameters of an eye diagram, etc.), specific models of pre-terminated cable assemblies and distribution cartridges (modules) with a MPO / MTP standard interface.

Promising high-speed applications such as 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet and 16 Gbit / s Fiber Channel, high demands on the optical characteristics of the components of the MPO / MTP. IEEE 802.3ba Standard (40/100 Gigabit Ethernet) is normalized very low attenuation in the cable path of SCS. For tract OM4 length of 150 m maximum attenuation is only 1.5 dB, while the total attenuation of the optical connections must not exceed 1.0 dB. According to the requirements of 16 Gbit / s Fiber Channel, the maximum attenuation in the cable path OM4 is 1.97 dB. It follows that to support advanced applications that are preferred components of the MPO / MTP with reduced insertion loss (Insertion loss 0,35 dB / cassette module) and a minimum reflection of the signal in the area of optical contact (Return Loss 28 dB for the MPO and 35 dB for the LC).

The use of more advanced manufacturing process and polishing of optical fiber interferometric control the geometric parameters of optical fiber ends. MPO cable assemblies series of MPO ptimate supplied with OM3 and OM4 fiber, up to 96 fibers.

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