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Virtualization, Reality And Not Novelty

Virtualization is an issue that haunt the IT world a few years ago. For some it still sounds like new, but has already become reality for the vast majority of companies. Students, professionals, managers, everyone is delighted when they hear talk of such technology. Desktop virtualization, applications, dedicated servers, and more recently Appliances network got into it.

We can define a set of virtualization solutions, whether operating systems or applications that simulate a real environment, ie, without requiring the end user or IT professional has access to physical equipment.

Several solutions are currently available in the market. The VMware is a strong name when talking about server virtualization, or creating virtual machines (VMs operating systems with Desktop or server installed and that are executed simultaneously on a single physical machine), is also common that people confuse and end up using the term to create a “vmware” instead of vm (Virtual Machine) or simply virtual machine. Citrix over the years has made its name based on the old Metaframe, XenApp today, which is responsible for centralizing all applications in the data center and deliver them via the Web.

The range of manufacturers and virtualization solutions that are present in the market today are very varied, which often ends up confusing professionals and managers in choosing the best solution. It is important to know that virtualization is now a reality and can be the solution to many problems present in businesses like overgrown data center by the amount of physical equipment, but it is also something that should be chosen very carefully, because mostly it is an expensive investment at first, but that is well established and less spending will generate savings to companies in the medium and long term. So choose well your solution, watch out for the real need of your business and how virtualization can add value in the delivery of products and services.

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