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Veeam nworks Smart Plug-in 5.6 for VMware vSphere


Veeam, a well known provider of solutions for managing virtual infrastructure VMware, released version of Veeam nworks Smart Plug-in 5.6 product for VMware vSphere. This product is part of Veeam ONE, which allows for a comprehensive monitoring infrastructure of VMware vSphere Virtual Servers under the control of HP Operations Manager.

New features Veeam nworks Smart Plug-in 5.6:

  • Support for HP Operations Manager for Linux (OML). Now nworks portfolio includes support for all versions of HPOM – for Windows, Unix and Linux.
  • Monitoring the compression of memory VMware vSphere (Technology Memory Compression in VMware ESX 4.1)
  • Track delayed treatment to storage (Disk queue latency) – to identify bottlenecks in the disk storage subsystem of virtual machines on VMFS volumes
  • Monitoring the duration of storage snapshots (snapshots) – for notifying administrators of potential problems.

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