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The Types of Hypervisor

  • Introduction
  • Type 1 Hypervisor
  • Type 2 Hypervisor

Hypervisors are increasingly present in enterprise architecture since the virtualization growth started and was quickly adapted by the industries. There are many solutions and more or less expensive, but when it comes to the hypervisor, there are only two types. Isn’t this surprising to you? Anyway, your server must have a hardware technology supporting Intel-VT or AMD-V to virtualize power.

Type 1

It is a system that installs directly on the server hardware layer. These systems are alleviated so as to “focus” on the management of guest operating systems is to say, those used by the virtual machines they contain. This releases the greatest possible resources for virtual machines. However, it is possible to execute only one hypervisor on both the servers.

Among type 1 hypervisors there are systems like Xen, VMware ESX and Proxmox.

Type1 Hypervisor

Type 2

Here, it is software that installs and runs on an operating system already in place. Therefore, more resources are used for rotating the hypervisor and the operating system that supports it, there is therefore less resources available for the virtual machines. Interesting thing that can be found is the ability to run multiple hypervisors simultaneously as they are not related to the hardware layer.

Among the type 2 hypervisor, we find VMware Player, VMware Workstation and VirtualBox VirtualPC.

Type2 Hypervisor

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