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Suspend and Unsuspend Website on Dedicated Hosting


There are lot of people who are not able suspend and unsuspended their websites on their dedicated servers. Here are the following steps you will need to follow for finishing the task.

You can easily suspend the website on your Windows Dedicated Servers hosting if you have Plesk control panel installed on it. You can do that by following the simple steps given below for suspending the website :-

1) Login to the Plesk control panel and then Select Domains.

2) Select the Domain name you want to suspend.

3) Click on Suspend and the website will be suspended.

4) Now all the services related to the domain name you have suspended will be disabled.

5) The website will not be seen on the Internet, Domain name will be accessible to the owner if you are a Reseller and you have his Domain name on your package/server.

6) He will not be able to Send or receive emails, access FTP and other services related to the domain name.

You can Unsuspend websites on a Windows Dedicated Server even if you do not have a Control panel. However, a control panel makes it easier for you to do that. It will be possible for you to Unsuspend with Plesk control panel easily. Follow the steps given below to do so :-

1) Select Domains and then go to Domain you want to Unsuspend.

2) Now click “Unsuspend”.

3) The Domain name will be Unsuspended and the services related to the specific Domain name which you have Unsuspended can be configured again.

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