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Simple Changes That Can Make a Data Center Greener

green-data-centerExpert warns that adequate temperature in the environment of the data centers and better arrangement of furniture in which they are staying, can avoid wasting energy.

Although if the present moment is of tight budgets and little investment, you can convert a common structure of the data center in a green environment without spending a lot.

With a little encouragement and good ideas, business owners can greatly reduce spending on enterprise data storage, from the adoption of sustainable practices.

Examples of simple and inexpensive actions to make greener IT, are checking the specifications of the hardware used, the adequacy of the temperature of the rooms where the machines are allocated and the organization of the furniture in order to allow air circulation between the equipment and the entry of light in the environment.

Overall, executives and technologists do not know exactly the characteristics of their data centers. To maintain maximum security, leave the very low temperatures in the rooms where the devices are installed which adds spending on air cooling account for about 70% of the energy costs of a center storage.

Thus, the apparent small variation of 18 to 25 Degree Celsius in an environment can represent great savings and reduce energy waste.

Another simple change that generates and brings good results is the change in the arrangement of furniture in data centers staying. Companies need to adjust the arrangement of these rooms so that air circulates between the equipment – preventing overheating of the same – and daylight between the environment – without the hardware is exposed to direct sunlight.

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