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Resolving 501/550 Error in Round Cube Webmail (cPanel)

To resolve the error 501 or 550 when trying to send an email via Round Cube webmail, is very simple, just perform the below steps carefully:

1. Open your Round Cube webmail.
2. Click on ‘Personal Settings’ option in the upper right of the screen.
3. Click the “Identities”, check for any identity created if you did not create an identity by clicking on the option ‘New Identity’, which is located on the left just below the screen and enter the identity information with the correct email.

The error 550 is related to an incorrect identity, that is, if the email in question to call [email protected] within the webmail in the e-mail identities must be [email protected]. (exactly as is the e-mail in which you accessed the webmail), otherwise the 550 error occurs.

After performing these steps make new tests, if the problem persists please contact us:

Email: [email protected]
Customer Center:

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