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.NET Framework 4 – A Map Of Resources and Reference Architectures

This week we spend enough time talking about the platform of applications and resources. NET 4. But expanding a little more vision, I thought to create a table with the key components for each category of service or application found on a platform.

The result was as follows:

The table above shows a map of the main features present in Microsoft platform and. NET Framework. This map is partial, but highlights the components involved in building applications in desktop scenarios, web, mobile, enterprise, and cloud services.

You may think, ” Wow, big deal, I’ll never know it all! “. But the fact is that you need not know all this while!

The important thing to bear in mind that the Microsoft platform today offers resources for various scenarios, according to his need. Thus, when treating a particular type of application, use this map as initial recognition, to determine which technologies can be applied to each scenario.

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