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Is Windows Server 2008 better than Windows Server 2003 ?



Microsoft is one of the names in IT industry which can be trusted blindly for any specific reasons. The main debate is whether Windows Server 2008 better than Windows Server 2003 ? According to any research or any opinion any new version of the platform is definitely far much better than the older version as it has the most advanced and latest features in comparison to the older one. Here are some of the basic differences between Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003.


Both the platforms are having a lot of differences considering the fact that Microsoft always gives much importance to the power consumption factor. Keeping in mind that many business organizations gives much more importance he energy reducing computer technology. In this scenario, Microsoft has introduced power consumption features in Microsoft Server 2008. This feature increases the efficiency of the server as well.

Basically for reducing the power consumption Virtualization technology called as Hyper-V has been used. This technology uses a system in which server is not work as whole one machine. The server has been split in several smaller physical machines which helps in reducing the power consumption without disturbing the server performance.

With windows server 2008 one gets advanced features which are not present in windows server 2003 like it has native ip-stack is ver6, mmc differs from windows server 2003. Management tools are different, some are better. Installation is easier, adding new roles to server is much easier. As the perspective is on Microsoft’s last 32-bit server operating system the fact of the matter is that faster transfer speeds for of up to 45 times is quite an evolution compared to Windows Server 2003.

One of the major feature in the context of Power consumption is Process Power management ,which included in Microsoft Server 2008 , server power management with the clients can be managed and monitor as well.

While speaking about the differences, it is also important that there should be basic differences which should be pointed out along with the features. With the advanced and extended feature of power efficiency its considered as more outstanding. There is basic difference of both subtle and fundamental differences in the basic architecture of Windows Server 2008, which could contribute in dramatically changing not only the way it’s used in the enterprise, but also the logical and physical structure of networks where it’s the dominant Operating System. It has numerous and robust features which make it better than the previous server range, the abilities to consolidate servers, to manage hardware more effectively, to remotely manage hardware without the graphical traffic, and to radically alter the system security model.

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