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Is Private Cloud Better Than a Public Cloud ?

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud Comparison

A Public Cloud offer its services to anyone on the Internet, while a Private Cloud provides services to a selected group of users and resides within a network owner or a corporate data center, with the implicit advantage of being managed IT staff of the company. A system that uses both Public and Private Cloud Systems is sometimes called a Hybrid.

The main obstacle for companies adopting the Public massive Cloud Computing is the theme of protection of user data. The concern is the possibility, by the service provider or attackers, to gain access to corporate data is not encrypted, whether on disk, in memory or transmitted over the network. Another criticism is the inability to monitor and control hardware and software on which virtual machines are created, or to make audit of security and reliability as those required in the U.S.

The main objective of the Private Cloud Hosting platforms is to optimize IT resources involved in the cycle of corporate provisioning, delivery, monitoring and control of business-critical applications: the elasticity of supply storage, processing and networking, on-demand access to systems, self-provisioning by the user or workgroup, through a centralized management dashboard unified system administrators, workgroup managers and end users.

The lessons derived from the first substantial experience in the use of Public Cloud, have made progress rapidly to a new breed of enterprise applications, where flexibility, integration with critical business applications and independence from hardware vendors and software become key factors in the Private Cloud successful implementations in the coming years. According to Some analysts, the Private Cloud Computing is the future of corporate IT.

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