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Is Colocation Service better for my Online Business ?


For any business, there is nothing more frustrating than to lose its sensitive and mission-critical data. It can also be very inconvenient when their website faces even a small amount of downtime. It is disheartening to know that their online business has lost a lot of prospective clients while the website was down due to a variety of reasons like server or internet connectivity problems. For such businesses, colocation services can be the best solution to overcome these and more such difficulties in future.

Colocation services are special services offered by many Internet service providers that allow private web servers owned by individuals or companies to be placed in their data centers. The colocation service is a step forward for countless businesses to get better web services rather than use the dedicated server packages, or even using VPS or the out-dated shared web hosting services to run their online businesses.

Benefits of Colocation Services

Colocation services present cost-effective web solutions to help lower investments on a company’s IT installations. They help in controlling the company’s web server or even multiple web servers’ configuration, networking expenses. They offer fastest routes of data transfer as well as non-stop online connectivity – a 100% uptime guarantee. The company gets full information security and fire protection, elimination of using the services of networking employees and, thus, their training expenses by using the colocation services. Essentially, using a colocation center for the company’s mission-critical tasks is a lot like owning a data center at significantly lowered costs.

Colocation services offer variety of cost-effective and high-end Internet services to the business enterprises. By outsourcing their IT-related requirements like infrastructure, data center space, server management, fastest connectivity, and complete security; the enterprise businesses are able to reduce capital and operating costs and many future expenses.

Colocation services are also extremely reliable services. They offer redundant services too. As the colocation services are peering with lots of other Internet network providers, it effectively prevents latency. These Internet service providers use the colocation services’ facilities and their easily available interconnections to scale up their own services, thus reducing their operating costs considerably.

Most of the customers of the colocation services are the growing number of online businesses. Due to the changing nature of internet in recent times, a business cannot afford to be without internet presence. The hosting requirements have become more complex and the need to be online at all times have necessitated using the best web servers and accessories, using efficient and low carbon emission cooling and power facilities, and best and fastest web hosting services to be ever-present on the internet.

Using colocation services that are shared between many businesses reduces the cost of operations significantly for the colocation services, thus making their services much cheaper to all their users. As the colocation services are being sought by more customers now, these services can offer more web packages to their customers at affordable prices. There are millions of businesses that are using the internet now and all these businesses need cost-effective and efficient hosting. These businesses can now use their own dedicated web server and hire the colocation services to use their excellent infrastructure and web facilities, thus managing their business in a better way.

As a small or even a big organization cannot spend huge amounts on all the required infrastructure and staffing expenditure just to use their web servers at their own premises, using the colocation services is not only a cost-effective solution for their web hosting needs, but also enables these business organizations to concentrate more on marketing their products and services to the world.

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