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Intel Xeon Processor to Boost Server Performance

intel-xeon-serverAs the core assets of organizations and enterprises spread across industry verticals, the data storing continues to rise. Lots of companies own their data, be it stored on their own servers in the company or with the data center service providers. It is important for them to make sure the cost-efficiency, high-performance, greater scalability, and reliability for their applications. And for this selection of the best processor based server is necessary.

How to Choose the Right Intel Xeon Processor-Based Server for Improving Application Performance?

Basically, the Intel Xeon processors are built to improve the performance and scalability of the server. In order to gain these features, selection of the right Intel Xeon processor based server for your environment is much more important. An ideal way to identify the best xeon processor based server is to prioritize your workload requirements. There are various factors to be considered.

Some of them are:

  • Number of cores and frequency of processor;
  • Processors’ memory and bandwidth capacity;
  • Energy efficiency and density of the processor;
  • Processors’ I/O speed and capacity;
  • Reliability, availability, and serviceability of the processor.
  • Counting on these factors or requirements will help you determine the best Intel Xeon processor based server for your specific workload.

One of the best Intel processors in the market is the Quad-Core Xeon E5606 processor, mainly used those looking for increased performance on their high-end dedicated servers. The Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5606 processor, code named Westmere-EP, contains four processing cores which is quite enough to boost an application performance.

This E5606 processor is based on the Intel’s core micro-architecture and primarily designed to increase the price/performance and energy efficiency of the existing dual-core processor family. It was also said by Intel, that the chip should provide 4 ½ times increased performance of its single core processor. Since, the launching of the Intel Xeon Quad-Core processors, Dell started offering products with integration of the multi-core processors, which includes Intel’s first Xeon Quad-Core Processor.

The Intel Xeon Quad-Core Processor are designed to meet massive performance headroom that starts with 4 execution cores per socket, and the Hyper-Threading Technology enabled can handle 4 software threads simultaneously.

For mission-critical database solutions, the scalable performance plays a key role. It is very essential for such kind of environments to meet the query response and latency targets, and ability to adopt the benefit of additional server hardware resources as they are added. The E5606 processor based server is perfect for workloads based on the SQL server as well as aids in creating an excellent deployment environment. As testing at Intel, have shown that the SQL server functioning from the E5606 quad core xeon processor provides excellent output in terms of performance and scalability.

The complete sequence of Intel Xeon Processor 5000 provides an opportunity of enabling businesses to get the most possible power from their server hardware as they are energy-efficient and affordable.


A combination of Microsoft SQL Server and Intel Xeon Quad-Core processors could offer you significant benefits not only in terms of performance and scalability, but are also energy efficient.

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