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How To Secure My Domain Name ?

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Domain names are a hot commodity these days. For some, selecting a domain name is a thorough process that takes a bit of research and time to complete. While it’s extremely important to select one that fits your business best, you can take things a step further by securing variations of your primary domain in advance. Many individuals do this to secure company names and trademarks.

The Domain is the name of your Website, which comes after “http://www.”. Without domain names the internet would not exist. Domain names are the foundation of all web content. Securing domain name is always a matter of concern for everyone. Its not tough to secure a domain name, one can do by their own in no time.

Following are some instruction to secure your Domain Name :

  • Go to a domain name registration website such as Register, There are many options of such websites and it does not matter which you choose, however, each company has its own perks.
  • Type your desired domain name into the search window and choose its extension such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, or .info. If it is available you will be notified. If it is not available you may choose a different extension or try to think of different word combination’s and synonyms for your idea. Some of the registration websites provide lists of possible domain names that are similar to your idea.
  • Choose whether you want to purchase the domain name with an email or dedicated hosting package or just the name itself. Buying just the name may be cheaper but hosting and email options are often offered at a reduced rate when bought in conjunction with a domain name.
  • Select for how long you want the domain name registered. Options range from a minimum of one year to a maximum of ten years depending on what registration website you use. Select whether you want to make the domain private (by hiding your contact information) for security reasons and proceed to check out.
  • Wait a few days until the order has been processed and the DNS (Domain Name System) servers become active. To activate the domain, copy and paste your web hosting site’s DNS servers (IP addresses or host names) into the DNS profile of your domain name provider.

Registering multiple domains is another great way to enhance your presence online. Each of these domains act as individual websites and can be used to generate high-volumes of traffic. They give you the advantage of cross-branding your products and exploring many different avenues. Purchasing multiple domains is also a sound strategy to keep the competition from nabbing up your ideas.
Different people have their own reasons for hosting multiple domains. Each are unique and carry there own set of benefits.

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