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How Come The Model Of IT As A Service?

First of all, you must first go for the Virtualization – need to virtualize some applications and the company gets the benefits. Usually at this stage, about 30% of virtualized applications.To go further there is the idea that you need to virtualize not only the usual basic applications, but also critical applications – e-mail servers, and databases. Virtualization critical applications – is the second step of the model of IT as a service.

The transition to private cloud hosting

The third step is a transition to private cloud.The first two steps – this is the optimization of IT services. We can create a pool of resources, implement load balancing between resources and a process of automation.

In the transition to private cloud, you get other opportunities.You can create self-service portal. For example, you can choose a specific application and pay for on-demand resource.

Businesses can claim a certain level of IT as an agreement on the service provided (SLA) and this can be done with the clouds.

What is the valuable for the company is a constant IT solutions, services based on SLA, the payment on demand, moving applications within the clouds. VMWARE guarantees the full compatibility between your private cloud and external clouds.

The result is a new IT landscape, we have a large number of devices, the client may need the access from anywhere in the world and this access must be secure. Will be required to support a large number of applications.

Applications and users can work within a cloud – within its own data center. The task of IT is to combine them all together and you have complete control over all of this.

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