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FAQ’s About Cloud Server Hosting

1. Is it possible to install all that I want in Cloud Hosting Services ?

Ans. Yes, you can install all that you want because you have the complete root access for Linux or Administrator for Windows.

2. Is it possible to install my own Operating System (OS) ?

Ans. Yes, we can install your Operating System if it is compatible with our Cloud Hosting Services infrastructure.

3. What is the difference between Cloud Servers and a dedicated server?

Ans. With ESDS Cloud Hosting Services you can setup one in a few minutes rather than waiting for a physical server deployment. You can also resize the plan and bring up multiple Cloud Servers quickly and easily for much less money. Dedicated servers usually involve contracts andsetup fees while they take time to alter the RAM, etc.

4. Are Cloud Servers just a VPS?

Ans. Well, they are not. You can re-size Cloud Hosting Services plans as per requirement through our control panel.

With most VPS, you are not guaranteed about the resources that you are paying for, which means that, other customers may breach on your allotted resources.

5. Is bandwidth free between Cloud Servers?

Ans. Yes, a private IP will be provided for each Cloud Hosting Services that offers free bandwidth between them.

6. I’m pretty much familiar with control panels like Plesk and Cpanel. Is it possible to use those control panels with the your Cloud Hosting  Services ?

Ans. Yes, for sure, we do offer cPanel in our cloud virtual infrastructure.

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