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Cloud Hosting with 99.95% Uptime Guarantee

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Choosing cloud web hosting over dedicated hosting is a smart move for businesses of all sizes because it can provide a more affordable solution without infringing on the benefits that a dedicated hosting environment can offer. ESDS provides eNlight cloud hosting, with this being one of the most stable cloud hosting platforms with an uptime guarantee of 99.95%; this alone should make cloud hosting attractive to most businesses, but eNlight also allows you to specify the individual units of resources that are allocated to your virtual machines so that you have full control over what you spend on your cloud web hosting services – a perfect solution for small businesses with restricted budgets.

As eNlight is a platform that has been developed in-house here at ESDS, our support staff are fully aware of the inner workings of the software and use this to their advantage so that they an offer the highest level of support available. Along with this, we aim to fulfill our 99.95% uptime guarantee in the following ways:

  • We have signed agreements and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with our suppliers that guarantee the level of service that we can expect from them; this covers the core services that are necessary for the running of a data center, such as power and internet connections
  • Our support staff have a permanent presence on-site around the clock so that they are able to deal with network and hardware issues as they are discovered – this will reduce the potential for any issue to have an impact on the performance of your eNlight VMs
  • Our data center network has been designed to remove all potential single points of failure, leaving us with a network that is one of the most stable in the web hosting industry; furthermore, all of our networking equipment is provided by Cisco and this guarantee alone means that network failure through hardware failure is almost impossible.

The above measures taken by us show our commitment to meeting customer expectations and if we fail to meet our uptime guarantee with eNlight hosting, you will be compensated by us to some extent.

As one of largest data center companies in the world, ESDS provides 24×7 support for all of our hosting customers, especially those on our eNlight cloud hosting platform. The ESDS support team is highly trained and I knowledgeable in pretty much every area of server management so that you can throw any questions or issues at them with the guarantee that you are going to receive a response that will satisfy you.

Choosing Cloud Hosting Over Dedicated Hosting

Although ESDS offers a range of competitively priced dedicated servers, these are designed to be very powerful machines and may offer too much power for small businesses and individuals. Cloud web hosting has been designed to mimic the environment that a dedicated server offers by providing you with virtual machines that come with their own allocated resources; these resources are then yours to use as you wish and with the eNlight platform you are able to increase the specifications of your virtual machines in just a few clicks from the web-based control panel.

We here at ESDS believe that a cloud virtual machine can provide the same level of power as a low specification dedicated server without compromising on the quality of the service offered. Other benefits that we feel are available from choosing cloud hosting over dedicated hosting include:

  • Often dedicated hosting can be very costly and out of reach for a majority of businesses; the cloud has been designed so that you can create virtual machines based around your own specifications or budget, putting you in a position that ensures that you won’t go over your budget
  • If you wish to upgrade the resources of a dedicated server then this can only be achieved by having physical access to the dedicated server and this can be a time consuming process; with an eNlight VM you can upgrade your resources online in just a few clicks, with the resources allocated immediately without causing any downtime.

If you are unsure as to how cloud hosting can benefit you then you should contact the ESDS sales team who can provide you with additional information about how eNlight hosting can be tailored to meet your needs.

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