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Cloud Computing And Database Management System

Much is been talked about the cloud computing, its pros and cons. It really becomes important to discuss when it comes to deploying database over cloud infrastructure. The combination of cloud technology and database is termed as Cloud Database or Cloud DB. I would like to take the opportunity to take close look at Organization data requirement and Cloud offerings.

Term Cloud DB can be simply explained as database system built upon and delivering services over cloud platform. It basically is Platform-as-a-Service model that give ease to organize applications to store, manipulate and fetch the data from cloud infrastructure. Cloud DB is a standard database service/solution organized over cloud platform by installing database software above it. The databases are directly accessible though API provided by applications or directly over web.

Recent time has seen huge adoption to cloud platforms, infrastructures and services. The cloud technology blended with the database has resulted in more demand for research and development with respect to management. The data over cloud is fragmented and scattered over internet, which questions about security and management of the database over cloud. The basic needs of any organization with respect to data are, that data to be highly accurate, integrated, and consistent. Data to be available as and when required. And synchronized with data in you on premise system database. Cloud computing is the best the option to server the purpose and unlike the traditional database system cloud offer run time scalability, elastic resource utilizations with optimal performance.

Cloud DB also termed as Database-as-a-Service (Daas) has many offerings to organizations, few to name those are, fast deployment technologies, reducing system investment and maintenance costs, and most important elasticity to meet the changing business needs. The organization’s need to secure the data from known and unknown threats. This the most important factor even though cloud computing has had its adoption to too much extent, but organizations are still not willing to put the data on cloud. Most of organization even today run away hiding their servers, when asked about deploying database over cloud platform. Security of the business critical data is the big concern over the needs of organization, as data needs to be sent outside firewall and store on cloud.

Organization today looks at benefits they get from traditional database over cloud services systems like:

  • Distributed and Parallel Query Processing (Clustering Database over Cloud again is question)
  • Privacy and Security.
  • Storage Architectures and Technologies (Since storage is totally hidden in case of cloud)
  • System States and Analytics (Meta Data of system performance, since servers are virtual, there is concern with accuracy of system parameters values which can help set benchmark for performance).
  • High Availability of the dedicated database server is compared and considered while talking about Cloud DB.
  • Resource and Workload management since cloud servers are already operating and functional as resource management of the base nodes/hardware, managing database’s workload is itself a doubt or question for organizations.
  •  Data Structures and Algorithms for Consistent Stores.
  • Networks, Caching, and Load-Balancing.

There are many vendors in walks of the providing Cloud DB Services, but management with respect to above mentioned really needs research and development. Cloud no doubt is the best of the technology we have today, but cloud vendors must come and discuss with Database Vendors to make the Cloud DB a new high and adoptable.

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