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Backup Memory To Host The Windows for Microsoft Hyper-V

As you know, the virtualization platform Microsoft Hyper-V Servers R2 SP1 allows you to redistribute the available memory between the guest OS virtual machine (each machine has a guaranteed minimum, and used memory can grow dynamically up to a certain limit).

But to make Dynamic Memory beautifully worked for large loads Parent Partition host (for example, Hyper-V you have installed on your laptop), it is necessary to guarantee the memory of the main host system. It is simple:

Create a branch of the registry HKLM: \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Virtualization key DWORD value named memory reserve  as the value indicates the number of megabytes to reserve memory for the parent partition.

It is clear that if you set too high – the memory is idle, is too small – the host OS will slow down due to distribution of free memory of the guest OS.

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