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Advantages Of A Document Management Solution

What are the advantages of a document management solution?

Document distribution (external and internal) as well as the treatment of information or content, activities are time consuming and are subject to error handling, which sometimes result in dispersion and loss of documents, resulting in loss of time and may even cause difficulties for the company. Implementing a Document Management system eliminates operational difficulties and has the following advantages:

• Dematerialisation of documentation and processes associated with processing
• Automation and standardization of work processes;
• Management of the company file in a centralized way;
• Standardization of documents, archive criteria and procedures;
• Fast delivery, access and processing of documents;
• Control and security of information and flows of information (documents and processes);
• Efficiencies in administrative and procedural thus
• reducing operating costs;
• Reduced need for physical space and the cost to file with
• photocopies;
• Possibility of measuring the efficiency of resources;
• These factors constitute an added value in supporting the company’s business.

Some statistics on documents and file:

• On average, each employee loses 12% of their time looking for documents on the desktop or the file.
• 90% of the documents we work with day-to-day are mixed with other documents.
• 80% of handwritten documents never more are found.
• 50% of all documents in your file are duplicated or are outdated.
• 30% to 40% of all recorded information can be immediately scanned allowing the destruction of its original.
• The time spent in Document management is one of 10 activities in a more time-consuming undertaking.
• 15% of all documents handled will be lost.
• 7.5% of all documents that are lost are sunk and 3% are badly stored.
• On average, each document is copied 9 times .

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