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A Light Weight CAPTCHA Solution

On the internet, the form filling tasks are performed robotically by spiders for spamming purpose with the help of software. Without clicking even a single button, the spider can fill up and submit online forms mechanically as the intention of the spider behind such spamming is to get better position in the search engines by means of higher rank achieved for spamming outbound links.

Now to forbid such type of spamming which is possible on online forms of web blogging, a CSS box application has been designed as a light weight CAPTCHA solution. But, the main issue is of viewing and reading of the CSS box, as the spider is unable to do this.

As a part of development, CSS boxes are assembled through the web browser and that’s why a web browser is required to make spiders capable to read little CSS boxes. Also in view of the security, to make the cracking of CSS box more difficult, CSS boxes need to be printed using javascript. As a result, the spider has to be capable enough to parse and render CSS and javascript too.


Here, a simple and readable character has made this application user friendly as well as usable. Also easy implementation and fast loading of this application doesn’t require any other component.

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