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eNlight Cloud Vertical Scaling

Cloud computing is a de facto strategy to run applications and provide services. One of the reasons this is because cloud computing offers a scalability factor. Due to the limited availability of reso...

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eNlight IoT

Internet of Things or IoT is a widely used industry buzzword offering critical transformation opportunities for businesses. Devices implanted in various frameworks can be connected with the assistance...

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eNlight Meet: A Secure, Scalable and Personalized ...

eNlight Meet is a scalable, secure and fully encrypted video conferencing solution that allows all non-disrupting communications to occur over audio and video channels. eNlight Meet is user-friendly a...

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eNlight WAF Whitepaper

Nowadays attackers target web applications of businesses by exploiting vulnerabilities. They gain access to sensitive data that impacts an organization's reputation and revenue. Cloud helps faster...

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Ensure business continuity in natural crisis

Having a comprehensive Disaster Recovery policy or a Business Continuity Plan for your organization is a very important step which ensures safety of business crucial data. No one can stop natural disa...

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Internet of Things (IoT) - Harnessing its immense ...

The revolution of Internet of Things (IoT) has projected an ambitious growth for people and things (devices). The adoption of this technology is growing at a rapid pace and the results are exactly wha...

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