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eNlight Cloud Vertical Scaling

Cloud computing is a de facto strategy to run applications and provide services. One of the reasons this is because cloud computing offers a scalability factor. Due to the limited availability of resources, businesses and IT professionals were limited by the available technology before cloud computing. Now with cloud computing, the scalability opportunities are much greater. You can spend less time on scalability issues, and more time can be focused on your company. Cloud computing's easy scalability makes it simple for companies to manage their growth. You don't need to spend time being worried about scaling your computing resources. With the adoption of eNlight Cloud Platform, all organizations' essential business goals can be accomplished with minimal effort. One of the biggest features in this cloud world is the ability to scale, and businesses these days demand Auto-Scalable resources. A business demand like this can be achieved by using eNlight Cloud, and enterprises can expect to stay competitive in the coming years. While most key cloud providers talk about scaling, eNlight cloud platform talks about usage scaling. ESDS' eNlight cloud management portal enables provisioning of resources such as RAM, CPU and bandwidth allocated dynamically. eNlight is a high potential UK & US patented cloud platform, and auto scalability is a unique feature of eNlight Cloud orchestration software. All the resources allocated are scaled up or down only when required. eNlight is intelligent enough to generate reports and billing of the resources used proactively. Scaling resources up or down is decided based on the load situation. The automatic scalability allows you to set a threshold. Once this threshold is crossed, new hardware is made available to handle the extra data.

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