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Stallen South Asia chose to Migrate their Legacy Infrastructure on SAP HANA Community Cloud to stay a Top Animal Health enterprise in India.



Stallen is an animal healthcare company with a history of 20 years. Stallen started as a family business, and now expanded as a global force in the animal healthcare market. Stallen manufactures, distributes, and markets vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and feed additives for poultry and livestock.

The Challenge

Stallen’s team were facing several issues with application maintenance, downtime and upgradation issues due to their legacy IT environment. Stallen had their own set of legacy applications that supported various functions of their business. Their old legacy applications needed elasticity that can support their growing business. They wanted to implement SAP on Cloud that can seamlessly take care of their technical and operational challenges.

The Solution

To reduce high capital expenses, complex management, scalability, and a secure platform, Stallen had decided to migrate their legacy applications on Cloud. Stallen’s team presented their requirements to ESDS which included IT infrastructure management and hosting SAP HANA and so ESDS’s IT team started to design a desired solution for them. When the solution was proposed to Stallion’s team, they were amazed by ESDS’s IT capabilities and were instantly ready to implement the solutions. ESDS SAP HANA Community Cloud was offered to Stallion which was the perfect platform for them to host SAP HANA.

The Benefit

  • Complete focus on core business
  • Conversion of CAPEX into reduced OPEX
  • High uptime for applications
  • 24x7x365 customer service by qualified support team
  • Technically experienced and skilled resources
  • Secure cloud platform


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