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SAP Infrastructure Management Services

Infrastructure Services

SAP is a mission-critical environment where you need to manage all your applications as well as the IT infrastructure in order to smoothly run your business. Ensuring timely management and monitoring of IT infrastructure results in high availability of applications and operational services. IT heads use multiple tools to monitor their IT components which is very time- consuming, costly and resource-demanding since it needs skilled personnel who are able to manage all these tools. To make things easy, ESDS has come up with eMagic, an infrastructure management and monitoring tool which gives you the ability to manage your entire IT landscape consisting of IT assets, applications as well as database. This DCIM tool is for those who want a robust, cost-effective and highly-efficient solution for their SAP environments. You can gain top most transparency in your business processes through eMagic because it helps address the root cause of any infrastructure incident by providing the ability to instantly act on it and resolve the issue.

Benefits Of eMagic in your IT scenario

  • With just one tool, easily manage SAP and non-SAP software by lowering your management costs
  • Identify the root cause of any incident and generate alerts for quick action
  • Take decisions faster and, improve services and business processes
  • Increase transparency among IT assets and components
  • Boost performance and infrastructure management

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