GSL Case study

Sadhana Bank Hosts Critical DR on eNlight, felicitates ESDS for Consultation, Cost, Customizations and Capabilities



Founded in 1979, by Late Shri Dr. S. T. alias Dadasaheb Gujar, Sadhana Bank aims to take banking to common people by adopting the principle of cooperation. This has been fulfilled to a great extent and the bank is progressing rapidly today with the use of latest technology and infrastructure to provide best customer service.


Sadhana bank expressed their need for a robust DR solution. The bank team was looking for the best possible way to setup a DR environment for their CBS application. For Sadhana, security was the top most concern. Sadhana Bank wanted to hit the bull’s eye by deploying a solution which is guarded by multiple layers of security as success of CBS project depends on high security along with high availability. The technical team at Sadhana didn’t want to take any risks with their critical banking data and had decided to invest into buying new hardware and co-locate at a service provider's DC. They believed that colocation was the best choice, as their CBS would be highly secure. Sadhana bank was planning to associate only with providers who own PCI-DSS certifications and have crucial regulatory mechanisms in place to take care of security. Apart from a successful DR strategy, Sadhana was looking for a cost-effective solution, coming from an experienced and competent IaaS provider for optimized TCO.


Sadhana Bank felicitates ESDS for successful implementation of DR on eNlight Cloud eNlight being the ultimate choice, Sadhana went ahead to carry out DR drill, once ESDS’ team successfully implemented the DR solution. Today, Sadhana Bank is successfully running their DR operations on eNlight cloud with high performance and high security. The bank is able to save huge amounts with a real time experience of eNlight’s pay-per-resource-use algorithm. ESDS’ technical team is available to support the bank 24/7 and customize technology resources as and when required.