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Realize Full Potential of Cloud with Cost Effectiveness of eNlight

eNlight iNtelligent Resource Predictor to analyse your current server's usage and predict its cost on eNlight

eNlight iNtelligent Resource Predictor is the answer to all your questions about the approximate cost of using eNlight based on current resource usage of your applications, website; and the anticipated savings that you'd achieve if you switch to eNlight. This tool, with its iNtelligent Technology, lets you see your actual resource usage, and the benefits of moving to eNlight. It is simple to use, and can work wonders for your IT Budget, helping you plan efficiently.

eNlight Resource Predictor monitors your Server's RAM, CPU, Network and Disk usage for a certain period of time and then generates an XML File, with details about the resource usage and trends. All you have to do is to upload the XML File in our Parser with reports about your resource usage.

The Billing Predictor will then analyze the Data from the XML file and generate a report, which will let you predict a nearly accurate amount that you will have to pay, with your current resource usage. This amount, in all probability, will be much less than what you actually pay, thanks to eNlight Cloud. eNlight uses resources only when they are actually needed, and does not take into account the resources that have been allocated to you, but are not being used. With eNlight, you can take smart and informed Business Decisions!

For a step by step guide about this tool, please refer to the User Manual. If you need more information about this tool, please feel free to contact our sales representative for further assistance.

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