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ESDS believes one should have a great purpose and intent to bring change

With an interview with Mint newspaper, Mr. Piyush Somani was questioned regarding the foundation of ESDS and how he faced the biggest road blocks on his journey to make his organization 'The Best Place to Work' 3 times in a row.Mr. Somani reflected on his journey and shared on how he became an entrepreneur where he said, 'I started my journey only because I saw people being treated very badly in organizations I knew or for whom I worked'.

He thus registered ESDS and brought all the people he knew on board so that he can create an organization where they would love to work together and create an organization which would make the world a better place to live. He further discussed how his organization has benefitted by creating a great workplace. He said, 'customer retention is exceptional and clients refuse offers from big brands to join hands with ESDS because they want us to take care of every technical aspect of their business'. When questioned about the obstacles he had to face during his journey, Mr. Somani simply said. 'His intent for his organization and his people were always the same and so through communication practice, things were transparent from top level to bottom level with a lot of consistency. ESDSians have always believed in the organization and they give 100% in their department for the growth of this organization. Lastly, Mr. Somani shed light on the open culture of ESDS and how everybody is treated equally and employees are given total freedom to transform their lives and skills through continuously learning and development.


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