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ESDS appoints proficient technology leader GS Murthy as CEO - Offshore Business

ESDS has brought on board accomplished technology leader GS Murthy as CEO - Offshore Business. With a career spanning 19 years in technology sector, Murthy has worked for top international IT companies like Oracle, IBM and HPE. In his last role as the Chief Technologist and Global Head - Solution and Technology (Global System Integrators) at Hewlett Packard Enterprise,Murthy led the pre-sales and consulting alliance executive teams for GSI-I6 business globally.Elaborating on the development, Founder and Managing Director of ESDS, Piyush Somani said, "I have been an admirer of GS Murthy as an individual and also as a technocrat.


Many of us at ESDS saw his leadership skills as well as his championship in technology from his Oracle days. We have experienced phenomenal growth in our business due to the growth in India's Cloud market and now we are looking to expand offshore as well. Murthy with his experience of working with large MNC IT giants will help ESDS to go to the next level."


On joining ESDS, GS Murthy said, "I'm very excited about joining the ESDS family as CEO driving Offshore Business and growth. Our patented technology is a great testimony to deliver a world-class, fast, simple and peace of mind cloud experience. I'm sure we will win by creating competitive advantage for our partners and customers world-wide, embarking on their digital transformation journey."


To understand more about GS Murthy's take on growth of cloud technology and his road map in ESDS, we asked him a few underlining questions. Here is an excerpt from his interview...


Q: What made you choose ESDS as the next step in your illustrious career?
GS Murthy: ESDS has the agility that most players in the market don't have today. ESDS' leadership skills, customer focus, relationship with the customers and technological expertise are its unique points. The company today is addressing real-time customer problems with its technical strengths. And trust me the problems are huge. It is a very chaotic market and the sheer number of technological advances is confusing the customers in terms of what it is that they really need to adapt to grow their businesses. With ESDS I plan to iron out this chaos and bring empathy in the industry.


Q: As someone who has come in observing the IT industry deeply, what do you think are ESDS' strengths that you will push forward and the challenges that you aim to resolve?
GS Murthy: Cloud is the base of any kind of digital transformation today. Without digital transformation businesses across all verticals can't sustain. Cloud is the catalyst that can actually take your business to the next level and give you the ROIs. Without Cloud none of the new IT platforms like IoT, AI, high performance, new technologies in banking, containerization, mobility and others would have come into play. And, ESDS has this unique technical expertise that nobody possess. Vertical Auto-scaling is our biggest differentiator when it comes to IT cost control mechanisms which is eventually going to make businesses succeed. Thus, I think it is time now for ESDS to move to the next pedestal - Go Global.


Q: How do you propose to direct your past experience towards your overall goal to take ESDS to the next level?
GS Murthy: The factors that ESDS needs to go global is a cloud set up and run experience. I have set up the cloud business for Oracle and HP in India and I have seen managed services business across India. And the best part of my last stint with HPE was managing system integrator partners, who are big managed service players. I have driven billions of dollars of revenue with them globally. I have done this across the product portfolio of HPE. Here, my goal is to marry the strengths of ESDS with the MSP knowledge I bring and give birth to a huge growing incubation channel for us. I am looking at multiple geographies where we should be investing our time and money. While US & UK would be primary targets for us, we have to quickly get into business with Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Southeast Asia (SEA).


Q: Where do you foresee ESDS under your leadership over the next year?
GS Murthy: We should not hesitate to target 10 times growth from where we are today. It will not only change the dynamics of how ESDS is going to be looked at in the market place but it is going to change the dynamics of customers, onboarding with us. We will grow with our customers. Customers looking at cutting-edge technologies and digital transformation should be partnering with ESDS to see more ROI. If they are not partnering with us they are missing out on a huge potential to take their business to the next level. If they want to grow they have to be with ESDS.


About ESDS
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