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ESDS becomes the only Cloud Company in the World to receive USPTO Patent for Auto Scalability

ESDS Cloud Solutions and Data Center Services bagged the US Patent for the method and system for real time detection of resource requirements and automatic adjustments. Mumbai - November 4, 2015: With a global customer base of more than 35000 customers, Exuberant Support For Data Services (ESDS), a multi-award winning Cloud solutions and Data Center services company, publicly announced today about their recent achievement of the U.S. Commerce Department's - United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), for its auto-scaling Cloud technology 'eNlight'. The company happens to be the first IT organization in India to receive such a patent in the field of IT innovation, transforming the traditional commodity based computing to utility pay-per-consume model. According to a senior analyst from Gartner, an American information technology research and advisory firm providing technology related insights, compute sizing is one of the major challenges faced by the IT Industry today. With fixed sizing, comes fixed costs, which usually results in fixed CAPEX, which is unjust. According to a report by Gartner, the average global compute consumption by any organization is as low as 8%, while in terms of Indian organization it scales down to just 5%. "In order to achieve a higher ROI from the IT spend, the industry needs to evolve to a more efficient compute model that does not have to depend on sizing, such as per-per-consume Cloud platforms.", he further added. According to Piyush Somani, Managing Director & CEO of ESDS "We closely analysed the fact that, nearly 90% of the IT infrastructure investments go unutilized and organizations under tremendous financial stress need to quickly realize this dire state of the actual consumption Vs. the dollar spent. And, with a view to helping enterprises achieve a higher ROI from their IT infrastructure, we came up with a Cloud computing platform 'eNlight' on a pay-per-consume utility model." "Our strong experience in the US and UK market helped us understand the crucial challenges faced by enterprises in these developed markets. This experience of managing thousands of virtual machines helped ESDS deliver this innovative Cloud technology, which is not just scalable but affordable too. The patent is a testimony of our commitment to deliver on Government's 'Digital India' vision by making IT compute accessible and affordable to all businesses.", he further added. Customer Speak: Ankur Jain, Head IT Infrastructure, Yum Restaurants (Pizza Hut) says, "Throughout the year our website experiences extremely dynamic traffic patterns and the elasticity provided by eNlight ensures 100% availability to manage the varying traffic load. Additionally, with flexible deployment options combined with high levels of security standards makes eNlight the perfect fit for our brand requirement. Finally, the pay-per-consume model ensures we have complete visibility and control over spend." Sameer Khanna, Managing Director, said, "In this digital economy, we are committed to deliver the highest levels of customer experience to ensure satisfaction. At Orahi, our ridesharing and carpool app demands support for instant and live transactions, for thousands of members and ESDS eNlight provides the perfect scale and flexibility to match this requirement. Additionally, ESDS Cloud is a right fitment in providing incredible IT resources at fingertips to address the ever growing needs of a fast growing start-up like Orahi." Businesses with seasonal traffic which experience unpredictable compute load and do not want to make heavy IT investment are set to gain significantly with this breakthrough technology. Unlike traditional Cloud service providers, eNlight focuses on real time auto-adjustment of compute resources of a virtual machine, while all the other common features like High Availability, Scalability, Horizontal scaling are already built in the Cloud platform. About ESDS ( Founded in 2005, ESDS is one of the World's leading Cloud Solutions Provider with Datacenters in Chicago USA; Montreal Canada; Leeds, Reading, Maidenhead, Milton Keynes in UK; Nasik, Mumbai and Bengaluru in India. ESDS offers certified Tier-III fault tolerant infrastructure, cloud, data & managed services support for mission critical IT systems & businesses. ESDS's Mumbai cluster of Data Centers are Uptime designed & Uptime Tier III certified. About eNlight Cloud ( eNlight Cloud is a state-of-the-art cloud hosting solution with an inbuilt ability to automatically scale CPU and RAM on-demand. The Auto-Scalable feature of eNlight has succeeded in eliminating the downtime suffrages, which occurred as a result of volatile internet traffic. This Auto-scaling feature makes eNlight unsurpassed proposition for Disaster Recovery Hosting which cuts down Disaster Recovery Hosting cost by 70%. For Further Queries, Contact: ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. Email: [email protected]

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