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Mrs. Komal Somani redefining Leadership through Resilience, Innovation & Culture dynamics.

Komal Somani, whole time director and CHRO ESDS, is a woman with an armour of creativity and people engagement. She holds a spectrum of multiple knowledge domains, which led her to a path of breaking norms to success. Her tale is of resilience, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to fostering a workplace that thrives on innovation and happiness. Recently recognized for her dedication, Komal was awarded the "Happiness Leader" by the World HRD Congress and "HR Leader of the Year - Gold Category" by Human Capital Awards by the Economic Times, affirming her role as a beacon of positivity within the corporate realm. She commenced her career at ESDS as a marketing professional, but her trajectory took a transformative turn when she transitioned into human resources. Blending the intricacies of HR with employer branding, she became the catalyst behind ESDS being recognized as a "Great Place to Work" an impressive seven times. Notably, in 2019, ESDS secured the second place in India and the 15th rank in Asia, a testament to her prowess in shaping a workplace culture that resonates with employees. Not content with just HR, she extended her influence into the marketing domain, ushering in progressive changes in corporate communication and integrated marketing communications. Her unique approach earned her accolades like the "Creative Catalyst - 2019" at the Chief Strategic Officer summit and "Most Innovative Women - 2018" at She Leads Summit. In her pursuit of understanding and promoting happiness, Komal founded HappifyMe, a platform designed to enhance the deep commitment towards employee wellbeing. The platform is more than just an HR initiative; it is a commitment to creating workplaces where employees thrive and succeed. By providing comprehensive solutions that address job satisfaction and increase productivity, it aims to empower organizations to unlock the true potential of workforce. Through innovative happiness surveys and meticulously crafted interventions, the platform catalyses a seismic shift, propelling businesses toward unprecedented heights of success and fulfilment amongst employees. This venture showcased her commitment to the holistic well-being of individuals and solidified her standing as a proponent of happiness in the corporate world. Her leadership style is marked by innovative HR practices that emphasize diversity, inclusion, and empowerment. Under her guidance, ESDS not only excelled in being a great workplace but also achieved significant milestones in online visibility and digital strategy optimization. Her ability to seamlessly blend HR intricacies with employee happiness has not only garnered recognition but has also propelled the employees at ESDS often express gratitude with "Thank God it's Monday," reflecting a culture where work is not just a routine but a source of fulfilment and joy. Her journey in creating a robust learning culture ride marked by strategic initiatives and innovative programs. Initiatives such as Udemy licenses, the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (it is quiz on organisational policies/ products and services)" platform, a dynamic certifications policy, hackathons, cross-functional projects, and more have contributed to the organization's current investment of 80 learning hours per employee annually. This represents a substantial increase from the organization's initial learning hours, showcasing Komal's dedication to create a culture of continuous learning and skill enhancement within the workforce. Under her leadership, the organization has not only grown in size but also has undergone a holistic transformation. The numerical progress in employee count, gender diversity, and learning hours is a testament to the effectiveness of our strategic initiatives and the proactive approach taken by our organization in adapting to the evolving needs of our workforce and industry. Her impact expanded beyond the corporate walls as she delved into customer experience, earning accolades such as Business Transformer of the Year 2021 and Most Innovative Marketing Strategies during the COVID-19 Pandemic at the CMO Leadership Awards 2021. Her journey is adorned with numerous awards, including Outstanding Young Person 2022, Inspirational Leaders of Asia 2022, and the Woman Super Achiever Award at the World HRD Congress. As she continues to break norms, innovate, and inspire, it is certain that Komal Somani's journey is far from reaching its zenith. The bar will keep rising as she leaves an indelible mark on the corporate world, blending creativity, people engagement, and an unwavering commitment to happiness.

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