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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Sameer Redij, Chief Revenue Officer, ESDS Software Solutions

Khushagra: Cloud Services has gained quite some huge appreciation in the past decade, what do you think the future looks like for this industry?

Sameer: Over the years Cloud computing has become more of an ingenious business model that provides organizations with agility and efficiency as a significant part of this digital transformation era. Without a doubt, digitization has transformed the Indian economy and many industries have jumped on to this trend to grow their business embracing the Cloud is only a smart move. Cloud offers flexibility and a pay-as-you-go service model which received wide traction during the peak COVID period when the demand was highest and the cloud was able to help businesses in distress. Amongst other services, security services offered by the cloud are another factor for businesses to consider since cyber security is one of the grave concerns faced worldwide.

Moving ahead, Cloud is only expected to grow even more from here and attain new heights of innovation and transformation.

Khushagra: ESDS offers a wide range of services, what do you think is the most valuable and challenging product or service that you offer currently. What is the USP of the brand?

Sameer: We believe in having first-hand technology always and making the best out of it for our customers and partners to achieve successful business growth.

Our most valuable and challenging products – eNlight 360° and Famrut reflect these qualities

Our eNlight 360? offers a Hybrid Cloud Orchestration Management, with a complete Data Center Management Suite which makes it a unique offering in the present cloud-technology market. This technology supports a multi-hypervisor, that can be set up at a user’s premise, thus giving customers the security of a Private Cloud and scalability like a Public Cloud. These unique features make eNlight 360 ?a resourceful partner rather than just a product for our valuable customers.

Famrut, which was launched only last year has managed to gain quite good traction. We launched Famrut intending to assist the farmers in extracting maximum yield & thereby revenue from their piece of land by connecting them with relevant stakeholders in the agricultural ecosystem. To help and enable farmers to connect with agronomists of their choice, accessibility to banking & insurance products, markets, and crop and cattle management, logistics, and solutions help with farming.

Khushagra: ESDS has 3 Top Tier Data Centers in India currently, are you planning to open any more data centers soon?

Sameer: Yes, we have established 3 data centers at Nashik, Navi Mumbai, and Bangalore, and a team of cloud experts spread across the country. Soon, we look forward to widening our reach with a data center at Mohali.

Khushagra: Going a little off-topic, having all these data centers means a lot of energy consumed, how have you managed or built the infrastructure in a way that would work in the most efficient way with the least power consumption?

Sameer: We strive to manage our power resources and limit exposure to system downtime due to power outages by having redundant power feeds from the grid and by using backup generators and battery power such as N+N redundant UPS and multiple on-site diesel generators.

At ESDS we believe in giving back to the nature of what we take from her. As a part of the green revolution, one of our missions is to be able to plant 1 Billion trees via several tree plantation drives. Our data centers have been granted “Tier III” status by QSA International Limited and have received the Green IT Infrastructure Award at the Maharashtra IT Awards, 2010 held by the Department of Industries, Government of Maharashtra.

Khushagra: Considering the power consumption factor, is ESDS planning to convert their infrastructure to achieve carbon neutral?

Sameer: Our data centers have been set up considering environmental factors in place. As mentioned above we also received the Green IT Infrastructure Award from the Department of Industries, Government of Maharashtra in 2010. We will continue to adhere to and be conscious of nature and other environmental factors for our future data center infrastructures as well.

Khushagra: What factors do you think are involved in expanding a company globally, how does it affect the revenue structure when establishing into the global market, and what countries are you aiming for next?

Sameer: Currently, ESDS has spread across its reach in the MENA region along with clients from the US, and UK as well. For now, we are seeing growing demand for our products and services across industries in the above-mentioned international regions. We will continue to focus on capitalizing on cloud adoption as technologies are adopted to adapt to the post-pandemic business environment.

Khushagra: Each segment in a company’s workflow accounts for a bite in revenue and profits, how well the system of management is optimized?

Sameer: In terms of an optimized management system, we have certain measures and processes in place for a continuous workflow to attain as much as possible automation. We also have required training programs to ensure our staff is using the system capabilities with maximum resources at the greatest advantage.

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