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COVIDs Impact on Technology Sector: The Most Important Things that Everyone Needs to Know

Piyush started ESDS in 2005, making him a first-generation entrepreneur, through his experience in a variety of roles across ESDS. He has built a reputation in the IT industry for his exceptional ability to build and grow business and nurture long-term relationships.


The COVID-19 crisis is undeniably one of the worst crises in this decade. Many have mentioned this in the same breath as the Lehman brother crisis. Globally, there is a high-crisis situation, be it the stock exchanges of the world, industries such as travel and hospitality, logistics and supply chain, manufacturing, telecom, auto, drugs and pharmaceuticals, MSMEs and retail. According to Dunn & Bradstreet, the pandemic has a massive impact on human lives, and a severe demand shock will be seen throughout the year. In India, the same report estimates that we will see a fall of 0.2 per cent in its GDP in terms of points in the fiscal year 2020 sending it down- spiralling to 4.8 per cent.


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