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Prithvi Information Solutions virtualizes SAP with ESDS’ eNlight, saves costs by 50%



Prithvi solutions was looking to undertake a mammoth task, one that can have dire consequences including disruption of day to day operations to a tarnished brand image. The task was to upgrade their SAP ERP system from SAP R/3 4.7 to ECC 6.0. With changes in software, Prithvi solutions team was also facing the challenge of ascertaining the right hardware for their needs. Their hardware investment calculations had gone off the mark a few times, where they possessed more hardware than their actual growth demanded and also fell short of the rapid demand at times.

Being aware of the complexity of a SAP system, Prithvi team took nearly 1 year to research various strategies to find the right partner and the right way to undertake this task. They were looking for a technology partner they could trust, and a partner that could take complete responsibility of this project, and execute it the way they wanted.


ESDS’ approach was specially designed to minimize the risk that comes with a mission critical task of such magnitude. One of the major factors to be considered for ESDS was Prithvi Solution’ complex environment, with more than 70 SAP users with varied business processes including accounting, business planning, finance etc. This environment included multiple interfaces with different applications, and such an elaborate environment meant that the processes could not be replicated manually.

ESDS planned the upgrade in a phased manner, where initial SAP upgrade was followed by virtualization and finally hardware migration. By virtualizing its SAP environment, Prithvi solutions team could enjoy the benefits of virtualization achieved by an advanced level state-of-the-art hardware infrastructure. ESDS used eNlight, the world’s first intelligent Cloud Platform, to first test the upgrade without any business disruption at very little cost.


After successful completion of upgrade process, Prithvi solutions team is enjoying the benefits of eNlight’ intelligent technology. Virtualization, combined with state-of-the-art hardware and upgraded version of SAP has led to a better alignment and performance of several processes.

Reduced Costs – The capital costs of virtualized SAP environment have reduced by 50% as compared to those of the old physical server platform.

Disaster Recovery as a Service – DRaaS powered by eNlight has improved and uncomplicated disaster recovery. Better preparedness for disaster and an effective recovery strategy was one of the key reasons why Prithvi solutions opted for virtualization.

No Capital Investment - The SaaS solution allows Prithvi team to perform real-time checks, record system changes for compliance, perform trend analysis and forecasting, and provide automated alerts on a monthly subscription basis without investing in capital to build a monitoring infrastructure onsite.