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eNlight Cloud’s High Server Performance Up-Scales Poddar Group’s Rapid Growth



Poddar International School is one of the leading Educational Organizations and has multiple branches across India. Poddar group has grown to a multi- school, multi-city, multi-brand entity, ambitiously executing a growth strategy with an emphasis on global standards. Poddar is a growing network which has a wide spectrum of brands including countless educational streams. Its gradual growth has also impacted on student's database. Their students' database increased to 50,000 students in 40+ schools or institutions across India in the last 85 years.


To carry out day-to-day operations effectively, Poddar International School has their own standalone servers with fixed configuration at every branch. The school has a centralized hosted portal server which is being frequently accessed by parents as well as teachers for admission purposes and to view reports & events. This centralized server was heavily dependent on the internet connectivity to fetch the data from each branches’ database towards the centralized server. Now since the school is spreading its branches across various states, the need to centralize their systems at a much higher extent.

Poddar School had provisioned the standalone servers with fixed configuration at every branch. In order to satisfy the management and deliver all the necessary services on a low budget, IT experts were concerned about the sudden rise in users and its impact on the resources. Thus, management was looking for a complete solution to address the capital expenditure and also address the issues in services.


Poddar having multiple branches across India, registered 50,000 plus students along with their guardians to a centralized server portal and the traffic on Poddar’s server were becoming unpredictable. It turned out to be a big concern for their system administrators to maintain individual OS and Database installed on every local server at each branch. Server hardware performance issues were increasing during peak times due to fix resources. Experts at ESDS analyzed Poddar’s existing formation of application codes and database structure. After finding the issues and bugs, recommendations were provided to fine tune the application and database to make it ready for hosting and deliver top performance.

Looking at their concern ESDS came up with the solution which will remove the dependency of the individual local server and consolidate it on a single server hosted in DC. Indigenously in-house developed eNlight Cloud based on Cloud Computing platform is an outright solution to the challenges faced by the Poddar International Group. This resource requirement refers to the incoming traffic over the network of their centralized portal which was developed keeping in mind the multiple users' accessibility at a time. Looking at their concern of minimizing the maintenance activity, eNlight Cloud's unique feature satisfies their requirement of minimizing the resource usage as server will only consume them only if there is need. This happens due to its iNtelligent feature as it senses the resource need before & only then allocates them as per the consumption. This feature definitely increases the server performance by providing the maximum uptime.


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