NRC Assam Case study

National Register of Citizens of India (at Assam), trusted ESDS for
securely handling their data of genuine Indian citizens



National Register of Citizens of India is a register having the names of all genuine citizens of India, situated at Assam. NRC is aimed at identifying illegal immigrants of India. Since 2013, the process of updating NRC started under the strict vigilance of India’s Supreme Court. A partially completed draft of NRC was out on 31st December 2017’s midnight and the 2nd half came out on 30th July 2018.


Initially, for 4-5 years they set up their in-house setup with some physical servers, limited infrastructure and internet with other vendor. Plus they were not sure about how much traffic will come up. This data is related to confidential and extremely vital information of every genuine citizen of India, so we had to be more careful about the security. Handling concurrent users per second coming through different internet providers was another challenge.

Benefits Enjoyed by the Client

  1. Redundant Infrastructure
  2. High Availability Server
  3. Vast Storage
  4. Abundant, Casual and Neutral Internet Irrespective of Service Provider
  5. Reachability with Us
  6. Robust Technology Support
  7. Architecture Agility – We have setup the Cloud Infra which was scalable and can be allocated as per the need of the application.
  8. Usage of gDNS Services to Handle 4.9 crore + connections in a span of 15 days

Percentage of Efficiency Achieved by ESDS

Understanding the requirements and taking the responsibility of the unsure traffic was shouldered appropriately. Hence, the efficiency is 100% as NRC’s draft was successfully released and ESDS’ cloud infra was able to handle the load of more than 4.9 Cr connection during the first few days of GO-LIVE date.