ESDS helps State Election Commission of Maharashtra carry out smooth balloting



The State Election Commission of Maharashtra has been established on 26rd April 1994 as per the provisions of Article 243 K & 243 ZA of the Constitution of India to conduct all rural & urban local body's elections. Greater public information and sufficient sensitization, transparency and capacity building, and empowerment of the citizen are key areas which are addressed by the State Election Commission. The State Election Commission is responsible for the preparation of the Electoral rolls and conduct of an Election to the Local Bodies in the State of Maharashtra in a free, fair and impartial manner.


The Election Commission of Maharashtra has a plethora of information available on their website, right from ongoing election programmes to voter awareness campaigns. Due to increase in traffic, their servers were overloaded which led to frequent downtime. They also were in need of a disaster recover solution at a justified cost.

The processing and smooth functioning of the application with more than 1.5 crore records in their database was of primary concern. Sudden traffic spikes also resulted in disk failure. They used dedicated servers with database clustering to balance load, but during peak traffic this set-up didn’t suffice to cope up with the load. The servers were underutilized during non-peak hours and they were in need of a flexible solution that ensured optimum usage of resources.


ESDS recognized that the basic requirement for smooth functioning of the website as well as the software was to provide sufficient resources as per the need. ESDS suggested their in-house developed Auto scalable and intelligent cloud platform eNlight for the State Election Commission of Maharashtra, which seamlessly addressed all their concerns. eNlight automatically allocates and de-allocates resources as per the application load with no limitations on server resources. eNlight’s Disaster Recovery Solution ensured mission critical data was secured with minimum upfront and maintenance cost.