Kshem Software trusts ESDS’ eNlight Cloud for Development & Testing



Kshem Software developers used physical and virtual machines to test their code by identifying and installing versions of operating system, web server, database and other required applications. Building of a complete test environment took at least a day or two. In addition to the long delay, there was always an uncertainty about the test environment matching the production environment that live customers were using. Sometimes the process of getting required software onto a server at the client’s site proved to be a lengthy process due to their budget and other issues.


Post a thorough due diligence, Kshem Software team decided to use ESDS’ eNlight Cloud Platform to build, store and manage templates for their development and testing functions. The team now has direct access to cloud storage & servers. eNlight Cloud ensured increased flexibility, with easy and quick deployment of any number of test instances as per the requirement, without physical hardware limitations or scheduling requirements.

Business Benifits

ESDS provisioned a sustainable eNlight cloud-based model for Kshem Software that is reliable and cost-effective, and gave them an alternative to building and managing a costly infrastructure with multiple, time & resource consuming test environments. Following are the benefits:

  • 24/7 Availability – ESDS offers 24/7 availability with no dependencies on the back-end systems and data stores, resulted in thorough testing of product through various product life cycle phases without worrying about data or service availability. This led to 30% reduction in system test cycle and 100% improvement in ROI within 3 months.
  • Quick Scaling – Any unchanged enterprise applications can easily be hosted on the cloud in no time with eNlight’s intelligent auto scaling feature. In case of sudden spike in resource usage, eNlight automatically scales up the available resources to easily accommodate growing needs.
  • Seamless Integration – eNlight Cloud Platform could be effortlessly incorporated in existing development and testing tools and processes.