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SAP on eNlight Cloud Platforms Innovative Approach has Completely Changed the Scenario for KCT



Karam Chand Thapar & Bros. (KCT) founded in 1929 as a coal mining company, today the KCT Group has a highly diversified portfolio of businesses with interests in sectors ranging from coal and infrastructure to real estate, manufacturing and aquaculture. Being one of India's leading conglomerates KCT was having a difficult time in its evolution. Massive customer base in different sectors instigated the need to transition from hosting to private cloud environment. Legacy networking infrastructure could not meet their cloud needs


Hosting required on the same network. But it was difficult to bridge the architectures. Server virtualization and multiple cloud platforms were required parallelly for end users and administrators. Full network multi-tenant controls including performance and security were needed. Scalability of resources to handle sudden burst of demands was also required.


The list of services provided to the Embassy group are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Operating System and Database Management, Backup Services, network connectivity, tremendous 24/7 support from ESDS’ team, replication configuration management, complete monitoring, robust Security and optimum cost effectiveness in terms of reducing OPEX.

eNlight Cloud’s innovative approach completely changed the scenario for KCT and its clients. The Cloud’s unique feature of auto-scalability enabled KCT to handle sudden fluctuations in resource demands such as RAM, storage & bandwidth etc.

Allotment of multiple Internet Service Providers (ISP) enabled the KCT Group to keep the services up to the mark with 100% uptime for their web applications. ESDS' 24/7 support and monitoring team ensures high level of performance and availability. Moreover, eNlight’s APIs have accelerated the company's development process by making applications easier to deploy on common infrastructure.

From a security perspective, eNlight Cloud has configured the servers in two different zones or VLANs i.e. logical separation and isolation of the network. This prevents any breach or leakage of information.

Typically, employees spend 65 per cent of their average time communicating and collaborating with each other. SAP cloud gives accessibility to all the database/documents at a single point enabling all the teams to access, share & edit documents anytime from anywhere in real time thus, reducing delays in the work process and without productivity getting hampered.

eNlight’s pay per consume feature allows KCT to utilize their resources to optimum level and as per their requirement. eNlight also increases their backup storage on the fly with null impact on the other operations. Analyzing, storing and retrieving data has become faster due to remote storage facility.


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