GSL Case study

With eNlight Cloud, Kafila Group gets 99.9% up-time & achieves 72% savings



Founded in 2005 in Delhi, Kafila Tour & Travels, a unit of Kafila Hospitality & Travels, provides an entire range of travels & tourism services under one roof through an online portal; hence the portal has to be up and running 24/7/365. Kafila required a hosting solution which could address the varying resource requirements of their portal, and also guarantee 100% uptime to ensure that they don’t lose any revenues due to downtime.


Kafila’s business majorly relied on their online web applications which holds thousands of records in their database. Their website receives a huge amount of traffic throughout the year. Kafila’s portal generates huge number of solution transactions each day, executed by the back-end applications that require compute resources on-the-fly.

This on-the-fly compute resource availability wasn’t available on the hardware that previously hosted the Kafila portal. The unavailability of on-demand resources during peak loads inadvertently resulted in downtime in most cases, which in turn had a direct impact on Kafila’s reputation, revenues and customer experience. The challenges also included:

  • High capital investment, frequent maintenance & set up outlays
  • Unreliable server performance due to lack of could address the varying resource resource management Numerous Server down-times, reboots during peak transactions period
  • Performance degradation during traffic spikes due to limited resources
  • Infrequent response time from portal and back-end applications
  • Maintaining Security of critical data
  • Need for a reliable (DR) Disaster Recovery solution


ESDS realized that Kafila’s critical requirement was to maintain steady server performance by gaining 100% transaction success rate. As a result, eNlight cloud with its robust production architecture, was identified by as the solution that could meet Kafila’s requirements.

eNlight Cloud is based on a custom virtualization platform that provides Auto-Scaling of compute resource without requiring any reboots, it automatically allocates and de-allocates resources as per the application load with no limitations on server resources. The cloud works on a Pay-Per-Consume Billing Model that charges a user only for the resources actually used by any virtual server and not for the resources allocated.

with We are very happy the way eNlight has exceeded our expectation when it comes to seamless scalability and uptime.
-Mr. Pradeep Chadha, M.D.