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Government of Nepal - Ministry of information and communication technology


About Ministry of information and communication technology, Government of Nepal.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MoCIT) widely covers postal services, telecommunications, Broadcasting, Press & Information and Film Development. Ministry of Information and Communication, Nepal, chose ESDS eNlight 360 as they focus on providing government services through automated system by maximizing the use of Information Technology. By utilizing the advantages of IT, the ministry establishes good governance, poverty alleviation and national development targets.

Needs Enjoyed by the Client

  1. The ministry wanted to implement e-governance and good governance by playing a key role through leading, advising and coordinating.
  2. Provide IT access to digitally deprived citizens in rural areas.
  3. Monitor evaluation of e-government automation activities to improve efficiency and effectiveness in delivery of services.

How ESDS helped

With ESDS eNlight 360, the Ministry was able to manage all the resources altogether from a single dashboard. This helped the system to be more simplified so that the citizens of Nepal can adapt to the IT infrastructure. Scheduling of the task related to VM management also became an essentially useful and all the tasks that are scheduled are been added to the queue.