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EasyPay Gets Rid of Unpredictable Sizing & Security with ESDS' expertise


About the client

EasyPay is a trusted company that makes it easy for customers to pay bills by introducing touch points as close to 500 mts of a customer with a promise of all-time availability of services at all junctions delivering solutions. To achieve certain objectives, EasyPay decided to develop an integrated central bill clearance system which offers interoperable and accessible bill payment services through a network of outlets, allows multiple payment modes and provides instant confirmation of payment. Moreover, EasyPay has also taken an initiative to manage payments for their institutional clients providing them innovative solutions for business expense management.


EasyPay needed a scalable cloud platform to host electronic bill payments for large audiences, as the count of users connecting to EasyPay’s Point of Sale was going to be unpredictable, especially with their policy of setting up multiple touch points at diverse locations.

When EasyPay floated their hosting requirement to cloud and data center providers, their major concern was sizing for highly fluctuating set of audiences. EasyPay approached cloud providers with the thought of utilizing their expertise in predicting the sizing requirements.

EasyPay wanted an HA solution along with DR, guarded by multiple layers of security as key payment gateways actively operate through EasyPay’s application, which made EasyPay’s success directly proportional to security maintained on its cloud hosting platform. So, security was definitely a concern.


eNlight, a cloud architecture with high availability at each layer of web servers, application and databases was offered with minimum resources initially. It has vertical and horizontal resource scaling capabilities, which matched EasyPay’s fluctuating users/transactions on each POS.

Pay-Per consume billing model on eNlight was an important factor since customers are charged only for resources being used in real-time which worked in favor of EasyPay’s cost requirements.

To manage heavy traffic and secure high availability, customized and right-sized load balancers were set up that divided traffic between web virtual machines.

To ensure security of EasyPay’s electronic payment model, ESDS proactively educated EasyPay about security solutions like DDoS Mitigation, Data leakage, Radius servers and MTvScan (an enterprise grade web security product developed in-house). Many of them were deployed to avoid all possible security threats.


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