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eNlight Big Data : Use Cases

Below are a few examples of sectors in which eNlight’s Big Data as a Service can be used

Healthcare Sector

Healthcare industry is bound to produce a vast quantity of data. Big Data analysis for this sector are as follows:

  • Reduction in treatment cost due to the elimination of unnecessary diagnosis.

  • Predicting the outbreaks of epidemics by suggesting some preventive steps.

  • Avoiding the diseases to become worse by early detection.

  • Prescribing medicines based on medical history

Government Sector
  • Governments of all countries have a lot of data to keep track of like, the citizens, their progress, geographical surveys, energy resources, and many more. The government gets help from this data in below-given ways.

  • Making faster and better decisions during various political campaigns and elections.

  • Checking vulnerable areas and those which demand attention.

  • Getting updates about the agricultural land and examining it.

  • Studying and finding solutions on national issues like terrorism, finding energy resources, unemployment, etc.

  • Big Data is very useful for fraud recognition like finding tax evaders.

Banking Sector

The amount of data in the banking sectors is going to touch a whopping figure of 700% by 2020, as per the GDC’s prediction. Such huge data needs to be properly analyzed for a lot of reasons like:

  • The illegal use of debit and credit cards.

  • Defining business budgets and plans.

  • Analysing customer statistics.

  • Identifying money laundering.

  • Risk Alleviation.

Education Sector

There are a lot of things happening in the education sector too as there are news institutions and schools are coming up and of course a lot more students due to the population. Below given fields are modified with the help of big data:

  • Dynamic and customization can be put into learning programs as per specific candidate based on the learning history of the student.

  • By real-time monitoring and on the basis of student’s learning data, the course can be reframed.

  • Change in the grading systems based on proper analysation of the student.

  • Career prediction as per the likings, interest, and performance of the student.

  • Big Data is helping in altering the one-size-fits-all education and evaluation system and it is going to be revolutionary.

Media & Entertainment Sector

With an increase in the sale and use of internet-connected various devices, the digital data and social media data is bound to skyrocket. People are using social media data for their business. Take a look at how big data can be used in the media and entertainment industry:

  • Studying and predicting audience’s behaviours and interests.

  • On-demand planning and optimization of media streams on the platforms for the distribution of digital media.

  • Acquiring deep insights into the customer’s engagements and criticism.

  • Proper placement and targeting of the advertisements.

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