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ESDS Comes to the Rescue of DNDCCB in Catastrophic Fire Accident



The Dhule & Nandurbar District Central Co- operative Bank Limited (DNDCCB), was formed in the year 1957 with a network of over 90 branches across Dhule and Nandurbar district.

RBI mandated all co-operative banks to implement Core-banking (CBS) to assist in offering round-the-clock processing for all the products, services, and information of a bank.

The DNDCCB chose to get the requirements fulfilled from ESDS after a tender released post the RBI mandate. DC Turnkey, Redundant uninterrupted connectivity between branches, DC Disaster Recovery Site, Data Center Infrastructure Management and Monitoring (eMagic) were the primary set of deployments executed by ESDS.


On Sunday, April 17, 2016, the officials at Dhule & Nandurbar District Co-operative Bank Limited were thrown into turmoil when they saw the Head Office on fire. The fire started at around 8.30 am on the third and fourth floor of the bank where the corporate offices are located. DNDCCB’s on-site Data Center located at one of these floors, hosted all the critical data and client information along with all the transactions and banking operations information.

The bank lost all of its IT assets and imported documents in the accident, but thankfully the DC was left unharmed. However, the operations had to be shut down due to fire for obvious reasons and all the IT systems became inaccessible.

Since the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) & Disaster Recovery (DR) was already put-in place and DR drills were effectively executed by ESDS before the incident, all the data was safe and business operations could be resumed without any loss of data.


ESDS' dedicated monitoring team understood the scenario and immediately instructed the bank officials to shut down the DC operations on priority and have it sealed. ESDS’ DC Security team came to the conclusion that the bank head office has taken a major toll due to the catastrophe and it might take months for the bank to restore its standard operations. In the meanwhile, ESDS' service delivery team took charge of the situation and ensured that DNDCCB was secure by taking preventive measures on site and took consent of BCP committee for DR approval.

After all approvals, ESDS immediately instigated a support ticket and initiated the DR switch-over within 2 hours of the disaster. Dhule BCP team was then updated about the DR activation and requested for data integrity and application accessibility.

After successful DR execution ESDS' service delivery team took a follow up for another 4 hours and made sure that all 90 branches of DNDCCB were connected to the DR site and also made sure about operational efficiency at every branch. “Complete Disaster Recovery” was achieved with not even a single transaction loss.


Apart from a quick bounce-back time after the fire, the bank, in the long run, has been able to offer state-of-the-art services to customers through their 40+ branches across Dhule and Nandurbar districts with no hindrances in its work processes despite the fact that the operations are operational from the DR site as of today.


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