Cross Platform Disaster Recovery with eNlight Cloud



Our client is government’s largest power generation sector in India and has the highest overall power generation capacity. It comprises the highest yet very well balanced power generation portfolio involving highest thermal, HYDEL and gas installed capacity amongst all the state power generation utilities in India. The organization is an eco-friendly power generation company which has adopted ISO: 14001 and ISO: 18001 Certifications.


In the event of primary SAP site being unavailable, the client wanted a secondary site deployed to take up the functioning of operations in order to maintain continuity and prevent a major disruption in work. The goal of Disaster Recovery solution is to have a business data in the correct state upon switch-over in a cost effective manner. The client wanted the solution to be cost effective, they also required a secure & robust DR solution which would suffice their demand for 100% business continuity & data integrity.


After successfully going LIVE with SAP running through client's In-house Data Center, client needed to now proceed with reliable business continuity which would provide scalable performance whenever required with all SAP modules. ESDS realized that client’s critical requirement was high availability of their SAP/ERP applications for their users ensuring 100% transaction success rate. Considering these aspects, ESDS recommended Cross Platform DR concept to the client. This Solution is specifically suited to host modules with dynamic data like SAP / ERP modules which are likely to be comprised of huge databases. The proposed solution “Cross DR Platform” has been designed very carefully to ensure a constant availability of the SAP modules to the users in case of any disaster at the primary site. The highlight of this proposed solution is that the entire SAP environment is on eNlight Cloud environment, which runs on “x86 platform” instead of proprietary hardware & Operating System. One of the main features of eNlight Cloud is Dynamic Resource Scaling, which allowed the client to create VMs and run their SAP modules on DR Site with no downtime.