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Model For Building A Cloud Infrastructure

While our country can be called a “cloud country” solely in terms of its climate. In the development of cloud computing, our country has not yet succeeded. Nevertheless, to attribute the cloud to the number of unpromising directions for our country would be premature and erroneous. Just the opposite: that “cloud computing” may be popular as anywhere… Read More »


Balancing The Workload In A Cloud Environment | Part II

Types of Market Segments For each type of cloud service, the policy limit varies from one market segment to another. The policy can be influenced by type of organization, organization size, market conditions, workload demands seasonal economy, mandates changes, emerging technologies and frequency of adverse weather conditions. The number also depends on the data center… Read More »


Balancing The Workload In A Cloud Environment | Part I

In a cloud environment, a policy limit is an important desirable attribute – it is used to check and manage resources when the workload demands need to be dynamically balanced after reaching a level of pre-determined threshold. The policy causes the system to create instances of resources depending on how many workload demands exceed the… Read More »


e-Governance Networking Services

The evolution of the terms “electronic governance” or “networked governance” must be seen as the crossroads of two major issues – e-Governance itself is the information revolution. The issue of “governance” has been under discussion for some time. The first trials of classical political science on the subject talked about the concept of “governability”, which… Read More »