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Aloke Enterprises’ IT cost reduced by 64% with eNlight Cloud based desktop solution



Aloke Enterprises’ employees often faced significant IT challenges, with investment in desktops for employees and human resources necessary to build an optimal architecture and maintain these systems over time. Since a part of Aloke Enterprises’ customer base is remote and requires access to their accounts; bandwidth & latency were important considerations in the solution they would implement.

Another major challenge that they faced was their inability to trade from a computer on which the trading terminal has not been installed. This led to severe lack of mobility and location constraints.


Aloke Enterprises chose ESDS’ eNlight powered Desktop as a Service (DaaS) because it is the only solution that effectively let them expand their services to manage desktops regardless of location and also quickly address desktop issues to maintain uptime for their business across all branches while keeping their customers connected at all times.


ESDS provisioned a sustainable eNlight cloud-based model for Aloke Enterprises that offered a reliable, cost-effective cloud-based system as an alternative against building out and managing a costly infrastructure.

Cost Reduction - Saving of 64% of the entire business costs involving both OPEX & CAPEX, and significant reduction in replacement, obsolescence, and opportunity costs arising due to failures.

Scalable & Flexible- eNlight Cloud is auto scalable and could handle all of client’s demands. Also, eNlight eliminated the need to reboot the systems as its scales automatically. With eNlight, they can now seamlessly scale their environment to support the number of active users, storage requirements, and more.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity - eNlight Cloud utilizes advanced networking technologies to ensure data security and continuous access to private and virtual infrastructure. For Aloke Enterprises, eNlight’ DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) offers full protection of all their mission critical data, especially financial records and client accounts.

Reliability and Uptime - Hosted in ESDS Software Solution’ state of the art data center, eNlight powered DaaS means enterprise class IT to Aloke Enterprises.

Pay-per-use Financial Model - With ESDS’ DaaS, the costs are calculated only based on the resources used, which resulted in elimination the regular fixed costs that were required to maintain their infrastructure, resulting in cost saving of up to 64%.