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ESDS automates candidate registration process for IIBF


About IIBF

Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF) is a leading banking institute that was founded in 1928 making it one of the oldest institutions to impart certification and training in banking and finance. More than 700 banks and financial institutions as well as 3,00,000 individuals are registered as members with the institute.


IIBF was running all its activities and applications on a decade-old core system whose functionality was marred by redundant and duplicate data. There was lack of integration and constant need for manual intervention. The organization needed an integrated solution to improve customer experience, reduce manual procedures and decrease the cost of maintenance.


ESDS designed an interactive and user-friendly interface for online memberships and exam applications enrollment for IIBF. An automated training module was also created that provisioned batch-wise registration maintaining pre-defined capacity and member eligibility. A digitized admission module helped members select examination center, venue and date/time.


The real-time administration module helped the institute get more than 40 types of different reports. A total of 9,20,314 candidates were enrolled on the new interface that took care of exam applications enrollment. The interface also enrolled 1,00,000 ordinary members in record time for IIBF.

All of this led to increase in the number of memberships and exam enrollments, improved data integrity resulting in better reporting capability and better alignment of business with technology.


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