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Dell has been working together with ESDS with the common focus to provide world class Server Hardware and Storage Devices to ensure seamless operations. Dell products are benchmarked for their quality and that is why we utilize their hardware and the hosting practices to ensure that all the sites we host are fast, efficient, responsive and well protected against Hardware failure. Dell provides to ESDS, all the Datacenter servers, computers and laptops to meet our in-house requirement.


HP has been providing best in industry Servers, Storage Devices and Network Devices to ESDS thus enhancing our Datacenter Services. HP' expertise with ESDS' capabilities results in always-on availability, massive scalability and unparalleled performance even during the most demanding environments. HP is currently involved in large scale eGovernance projects, besides carrying out projects for Government bodies like Mahagenco, MSEDCL.


IBM's Servers integrates with ESDS' Data Center Business practices resulting in efficient technology and hardware maintenance. With the reliable expertise of IBM Business Partners, we can confidently address the increasing demands on our client's IT infrastructure. ESDS, with IBM ensures configuration flexibility and rich systems management tools to help our client's business grow.


Cisco has been working together with ESDS with the common focus to provide Network Hardware to ensure superior connectivity. ESDS and Cisco together, ensure the best in network hardware, industry-leading availability and integrated security. Our solutions cater even to our client's organization's specialized needs. ESDS Datacenter uses Cisco network equipments only.


NetApp and ESDS have made it possible to create highly reliable, high performance, cost-effective storage for eNlight Cloud and virtualized environments. NetApp's efficient, flexible and cost-effective storage solutions ensure availability and improve business responsiveness.


ESDS-Juniper partnership spans joint technology development, product sales, service, networking and OEM.


ESDS and Citrix together provide Citrix virtualization solutions, including hosted desktops and applications, on a rental, subscription or services basis.

ISP Partners


Tata has been ESDS' Internet Service Provider with services including MPLS connectivity and P2P connectivity for efficiency without interruptions. Tata is one of the leading providers in India and also the primary network provider for ESDS Datacenter. Tata and ESDS have come together to provide a robust suite of IP Services makes to enable continuous Internet access. Our clients can enjoy our optimal services in today's IP-enabled marketplace.


Bharti has been instrumental in providing competent Data Center Connectivity. ESDS is proud partners with Bharti that has also been rated as India's Best Enterprise Connectivity Provider 2010. ESDS, with Bharti as our Business Partner, provides innovative, flexible services to our customers. Bharti is handling the maximum share of international traffic which has been made possible due to their strong collaboration with service providers in the UK.


BSNL has been providing ESDS with Data Center Connectivity, MPLS connectivity and P2P connectivity. BSNL and ESDS' partnership provides us the edge to cater to any kind of customer requirement. The biggest advantage of BSNL is that its penetration deep into the country facilitates connectivity to any remote location across the length and breadth of India. Also we can provide redundant back up connection ensuring uninterrupted, seamless connectivity.


NIXI provides best in class Data Center Connectivity and is ESDS' Internet Service Provider partner. ESDS and NIXI partnership enables more efficient use of domestic bandwidth, thus saving foreign exchange. It also results in improved Quality of Services for our domestic clients by reducing latency.


Reliance is one of the key Leased Line Service Provider for connecting key nodal locations for customers for DC and DR sites. Reliance offers the High-Availability Leased Line variant that is suitable for business critical applications.


With Vodafone Leased Line Service, ESDS ensures that all hosted business apps are maintained with faster connectivity and low latencies.

Software Partners


ESDS and Microsoft have been associated since the start of ESDS. Through our partnership, Microsoft has sourced its Operating System licenses, special licenses and product licenses to develop best-in-class joint solutions for ESDS Datacenter. ESDS has partnered with Microsoft for providing world class, efficient enterprise solutions to our domestic as well as international clients.


Being open source, Linux has been a major provider for customers who prefer to host their business or application on UNIX platform. CentOS, Redhat, Debian , Ubuntu and Fedora are few flavours of Linux that are widely used by our clients. Linux has also provided our R & D team with a strong platform to develop new products based on kernel modification.

Application-solution-partner-Suse Linux

Suse and ESDS hold a key partner relationship for providing Hosted infrastructure with Cloud and SAP.

Application-solution-partner-Red Hat

Red Hat and ESDS jointly work in collaboration for providing hosted Cloud solutions to customers. The results of this partnership are comprehensive and versatile technology solutions that span the globe.

Application Solution Partners


ESDS and Sanovi have joined hands to provide the best in class " Disaster Recovery (DR)-as-a-Service" solution to support the business continuity needs of enterprises. The Sanovi DR Management Suite is the leading DR Management solution for aligning DR infrastructure with Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives. Powered by ESDS state-of-the-art datacenter infrastructure, customers can plan for their comprehensive DR strategy at minimal investment while maintaining required SLA.


ESDS and Oracle have teamed up to ensure competent technology. Oracle has provided us Database Management Systems and ERP Solutions. ESDS's partnership with Oracle enables us with extreme performance, reliability, and scale requirements to serve our clients efficiently and cost effectively. This results in predictability in both real-time responsiveness and dynamic scale-out.


VMWare is a leading supplier of Virtualization platforms worldwide. ESDS, with VMWare as our application partner simplify our client's IT infrastructure to create a more dynamic and flexible facility with ESDS's expertise and VMware's proven server and Datacenter virtualization solutions.


ESDS and cPanel have come together to provide best in class hosting solutions. CPanel sources their Linux Hosting Control Panel to ESDS. The hosting solution is easy-to-use, with powerful tools that perform essential tasks quickly, easily and reliably, thus reducing overhead by simplifying complex tasks. ESDS and CPanel together empower our clients to meet the needs of today's hosting practices with minimal effort.


Parallels have been instrumental in providing competent Windows Hosting Control Panel to ESDS. ESDS' and Parallel's partnership enhances control and automation, besides reducing operational costs down, resulting in efficient service, improved revenue and greater levels of customer satisfaction. With Parallels, ESDS is able to provide many automation solutions to our clients hosted on shared services to manage their websites efficiently.


Dot net is a renowned provider of Open Source for Windows Hosting Control Panel. ESDS and DotNet Panel recognize the benefits of using an open source development model as a more agile and flexible way to meet the growing needs of the web hosting community and are committed, through this partnership, to provide affordable and scalable control panel for Microsoft Windows Hosting.


ESDS and Polaris have teamed up to provide an effective and profitable Core Banking Software solution for large Enterprises. ESDS and Polaris offer a feature-rich solution that addresses the critical need for a scalable, flexible, and secure and customer centric core-banking platform. It is a multi-currency, multilingual solution conceived and built with the anytime-anywhere customer in mind.


SAP for ESDS employs more than 35 years of industry experience to deliver true end-to-end process support. SAP offers applications and services that enable companies of all sizes to become best-run businesses. More than 2,000 Enterprises, datacenter, IT industries & utilities in 70 countries run SAP software.


Xen Technologies is a supplier of Virtualization platforms worldwide. ESDS, with Xen's hypervisor, which is the powerful open source industry standard for virtualization, offers a powerful, efficient, and secure feature set for virtualization, that supports a wide range of Linux operating systems. Using the Xen hypervisor, ESDS has achieved major breakthrough in the field of innovative virtualization techniques.

Implementation Solution Partners


ESDS and Prithvi have worked together to tightly integrate their services and design "best-in-class" Data Center Turnkey Solutions. ESDS and Prithvi's partnership arms us with expertise in implementing data centers solutions and establishing reliable and efficient Data Center Facilities. Our proven expertise helps minimize the cost of data deployment, improve delivery of services to citizens, enhancing IT and management control.


Zensar is ESDS' SAP implementation partner working together to deliver efficient SAP related assignments. ESDS and Zensar together design industry specific solutions with built in content, tools and methodologies for a cost-effective implementation. The innovative, robust, scalable and integrated solutions help our clients address diverse issues relating to strategy, operations, IT, e-business and change management.


L&T Infotech is ESDS' SAP implementation partner, and has also provided eGovernance Solutions tailored to the specific needs of Clients and their applications. Our partnership combines strong domain and technology expertise with innovative and flexible delivery models to deliver sustained value to our clients.


ESDS and ITI have come together to provide best in class eGovernance and Banking Turnkey solutions. ITI and ESDS, together efficiently implement and integrate modern IT systems to turnaround our clients technology infrastructure and well as provide end to end solutions to our banking and government clients.


ESDS has been working with CMC Ltd. on multiple engagements including Government Solutions, Hospital Information System and ERP. ESDS, in partnership with CMC, create customised solutions for our clients across industries to address the entire spectrum of their information technology needs


ESDS has recently partnered with Aditya Birla Group's Minacs. ESDS is proud partner of Minacs for Implementation of Solutions. Our approach is highly focused, where we enhance and extend the power of enterprise software by helping our clients achieve clear, measurable benefits from their implementations through a comprehensive set of services around leading enterprise solutions.

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