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What is the Importance of Scanning a Website and How to Choose a Scanner to Do That?

As technologies are increasing every moment, so we also desire to have more securities related features. The reason for craving more security is that the attackers are getting clever and even their techniques are getting advanced. So, there are pros and cons whenever we improve any technique. This situation is similar when it comes to… Read More »


How to Clean Hacked Website – ESDS VTMScan

Before we begin to understand how to clean websites that have been hacked. Let’s first know the possible reasons why websites get attacked. Following are the reasons highlighted by Google in one of their reports: Compromised credentials: The two ways by which attackers figure out user id’s and passwords of an account is either by using… Read More »


Check Website for Malware – ESDS VTMScan

The evolving cybercrimes are reshaping ways to attack your website and there are more threats now than ever before due to the increased number of unsecured websites. Many attacks are reported everyday which are related to hacking a website or infecting a website which has caused the owners a huge loss of data, time and… Read More »