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ESDS : Sky's the limit

ESDS Software Solution Pvt LTD was founded in 2005 by Piyush Somani. Initially focused on providing technical support to web hosting companies from US and UK, ESDS subsequently got into web hosting business and got an opportunity to take over some loss making UK and US based web hosting companies. The team of passionate engineers at ESDS then put in their heart and soul to make these foreign companies into successful profit making ventures. After ESDS carved a niche for itself, Piyush Somani setup a Datacenter of ESDS in India and made ESDS equally popular in India.

Things started changing for ESDS from 2007 as the web hosting companies owned by ESDS started becoming very popular across the globe due to top class customer service.

Piyush then decided to setup a datacenter of ESDS in India and make ESDS equally popular in India as well. A land was procured by ESDS Software in the year 2008 and construction was started at the end of year 2008.

Today ESDS has its working datacenter of 10,000 sq.ft and office area of 30,000 sq.ft in heart of Nashik. ESDS office and datacenter is a modern example of "green building" concept. ESDS is the only company in Maharashtra to have won the IT Enterprises Award 2009 and the Green IT Award 2010. Dr Vijay Bhatkar recently honoured ESDS and also appreciated the technology the company has deployed in a small city like Nashik. Dr Bhatkar himself wants a similar datacenter to be built for the requirement of Maharashtra Government.

ESDS datacenter building in Nashik is the only green and fully managed datacenter in India. None of the other Indian datacenters offer turnkey managed solution for customers like ESDS does.ESDS has plans to setup 3 new datacenters in next 2 years, one would be at Indore, one at Delhi and one would be coming up in the United Kingdom. For Piyush Somani, customer service has been the primary focus of his business no matter what level of success he achieves.

Piyush Somani has always considered himself as a customer service professional and a marketing person only. All his success and success of ESDS Software has been due to excellent customer service and expertise in online and offline marketing.

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